Monday Morning Momentum: Staying Cancer Free

Happy Monday Friends, I have recently been on some radio shows giving interviews and speaking about "Redeem Your Health." A common question is "Are You Cancer Free?" I think a better question is are you healthy? We all have cancer cells in our body. The key is to make sure they are NOT expressing themselves. I am thankful to be healthy, balanced and "Cancer Free." Here are five key steps to … [Read more...]

It’s coming…the eBook is coming!

Hi Friends, You are not going to believe what God has done. The success of our detox group has led to the creation of an eBook!! Redeem Your Health-21 Day Cleanse and Detox Jump-start is filled with inspiration and support to guide you through 21 days to a healthier you. We have created a special study for each day of the cleanse with special assignments and journal topics. I hope it will help … [Read more...]