Detox Day 8: Pamper Yourself

Congratulations Ladies and Gentlemen, It's the home stretch of the Detox. Things should be getting easier and boring at the same time. Your goal today, or this weekend, is to pamper yourself. Do something special for yourself. I am happy to report I have a massage and a facial today. Yes, I am getting spoiled! If I don't plan it, it will never happen! All you have is today, so find ways to make … [Read more...]

Detox Day 7: Temptation

Hi Friends, I am happy to report our detox group has grown. We have folks in Florida, North Carolina and now Utah joining us! I have received many of your emails and text messages with positive feedback of how you all are doing. I am so excited for you all. I am so glad you are reaping the benefits of the cleanse which is WHY we do this often. Many of you have lost 5 to 6 lbs, you are feeling … [Read more...]

Detox Day 6: Stay on Track

Hi Friends, Can you believe it's been 6 days! I am starting to get too comfortable. That could be a good thing; however, I almost got derailed.  Yesterday, I was with a friend who updated my professional pictures and gave me some new options. It was an all day adventure because it takes a village to get me dressed. It was a totally fun day, but by 4pm I was hungry. I mean really hungry. … [Read more...]

Detox Day 5: Grace

Today is a NEW day. The big day 5! I am so glad for those who have committed to this program. But here's the reality! You have to give yourself GRACE and say to yourself,  "way to go." You are not going to be perfect on this program. I want you to look at the big picture. Especially, if this is your first detox program. Where you are now or 5 days ago, is going to be better in 5 more days. Give it … [Read more...]

Detox Day 4: Restoration

Good Morning Friends, I hope your days are getting easier on this program. However, for me, yesterday was a bit challenging. I made it through following the program, even on a date with my beloved husband. I was so excited the restaurant was serving Lentil soup! What a blessing that was! Today, I want us to focus on the restoration that is going on in our body. Let's focus on the WHY we are … [Read more...]

Detox Day 3: Listen to Your Body

The Big Day 3 on any detox is usually a feeling of breakthrough. Your body has finally had a chance to adapt to the changes you presented it. No sugar, No caffeine, No meat, etc. The headaches should start to clear up and the clarity starts to appear. If this is your first detox, ever, the headaches may still be there. I want to encourage you to press on! Listen to your body. Only you know what … [Read more...]

Detox Day 2: Be Prepared

Be PREPARED Congrats everyone, Day one is under our belt! And now, we have figured out what we can and cannot eat. I enjoyed a delicious dinner of sautéed mushrooms, onions, garlic, broccoli with liquid aminos. (A healthy alternative to soy sauce, check it out). I combined the leftover lentils from lunch and BAM! Dinner! My husband loved it! I heard many of you had great recipes for lentils. … [Read more...]

Detox Day 1: Getting Started

Hi Everyone, Happy Day 1! I hope most of you are still sleeping and enjoying your saturday morning. I took the gastro-fiber last night, on an empty stomach, just to get my body moving. Now, I'm about to drink a tall glass of water with my first round of the cleanse. Then, I will wait 20-30 minutes before I have my protein shake. If you are in a hurry, you can take the cleanse with the … [Read more...]

10 Day Detox Bootcamp

Hi Friends, Thank you for joining me on this 10 day cleanse. The goal is to clear out all dairy, caffeine, animal meat products and more. This cleanse is from Standard Process, but we are making adjustments. Instead of 21 days, we are doing the first 10. Once you have gone through the hard part of detoxing, my hope is that you will  continue the program adding fish and clean meats only for … [Read more...]