Detox Day 21: Building Blocks

Whoo Hoo! You made it friends, through a full 21 day cleanse. Some of you may be so glad its over, some of you may not want this great feeling to stop. Where ever you are, I am so glad you joined me for this cleanse. One thing is for sure, the next time you do a cleanse, it will be much easier. A good cleanse is a great way to reset your body. If you ever get too focused on a food or habit … [Read more...]

Detox Day 20: Friendship

Hi Friends, I apologize this email is coming a bit later than I expected. I had a few unexpected curve balls thrown my way. Have someone ever hacked into your world? Not fun! All in all, I managed to navigate through the challenges and had the best day with my amazing practice members. They truly bless me and inspire me every day. Today, the word that has been on my heart is "Friendship". … [Read more...]

Detox Day 19: I Want CAKE!

Really? Almost done with our cleanse and my body is screaming, "I want cake!" today. Do I really need cake or just some time with Jesus? I was avoiding myself for most of the day, but I had to check in with to see what was up! Have you ever sat yourself down in a quiet place to see what it really going on? Or do you keep yourself so busy to ignore what's really going on inside of you. I was tip … [Read more...]

Detox Day 18: RISE

Morning Friends, Finally I woke up this morning with my normal energy level. I was in bed at 7:40pm last night and so excited to be there! I have received a few of your emails for the 3 things you are going to change after this cleanse. I am waiting for the rest of you. If you can not think of 3, give me one thing you are going to change. As you know, diets do not work, but lifestyle changes … [Read more...]

Detox Day 17: Choices

Morning Friends, I hope you are enjoying your monday morning and new time change. Only a few more days on the this "cleanse" and I know you probably can not wait to get back to eating a little less restrictively. Remember, this is just for a moment and the goal is to look at making NEW CHOICES. It takes 21 days to a new habit, so I hope you are ready to add some new choices to your daily … [Read more...]