The GOD STRONG Campaign

My dear friends, I am excited to launch this new fundraiser and blog to inspire you to be GOD STRONG. As life brings you storms or tidal waves, this small bracelet will help you remember who you are and Whose you are! You are a child of God and He loves you so much! I… [Continue Reading]

Monday Morning Momentum: ENERGY BOOSTERS

Hi Friends, I don’t know about you, but this morning has been slow moving. How do you get your energy going when you feel down? Do you drink coffee, grab a muffin or energy drink? I want to share my Top 3 Energy Boosters: Exercise: Just walk up and down a few hills for 30… [Continue Reading]

Monday Morning Momentum: Staying Cancer Free

Happy Monday Friends, I have recently been on some radio shows giving interviews and speaking about “Redeem Your Health.” A common question is “Are You Cancer Free?” I think a better question is are you healthy? We all have cancer cells in our body. The key is to make sure they are NOT expressing themselves.… [Continue Reading]

Monday Morning Momentum: Prevention

Hi Friends, Saturday was a huge success. We screened over 30 people with the latest technology called, Max Pulse. It measures the stress levels in your body, how variable your heart rate,  the rate in which your heart is pumping and even if your left ventricle is strong or not. That is the major ventricle… [Continue Reading]

Monday Morning Momentum: Feeling Overwhelmed?

Hi Friends, Anyone feeling OVERWHELMED lately with work, family, stress, deadlines, or new projects? I certainly am! You know your overwhelmed when your brain won’t stop firing, you forget to workout, or eat breakfast or lunch; and then, you can’t feel that restful peace. This is a red flag to your adrenal glands. You have… [Continue Reading]

What’s New!

10 Day Detox Bootcamp

Hi Friends, Thank you for joining me on this 10 day cleanse. The goal is to clear out all dairy, caffeine, animal meat products and more. This … [Read More...]

I know, I know...we all know we need to exercise, but how many of us actually do? Yes, it is work planning and making sure you wake up early to set … [Read More...]

Class 1: Health and Wellness March 20, 2012 7pm Discovery Church Class 2 : Diet April 24, 2012 7pm Discovery Church Class 3: Exercise May 22, … [Read More...]

Juicing to Kick Start Your New Year

By Dr. Angie Welikala It's a brand new year and this is time that most people start taking a look at their health. January marks a new fresh start … [Read More...]

Detox Day 18: RISE

Morning Friends, Finally I woke up this morning with my normal energy level. I was in bed at 7:40pm last night and so excited to be there! I have received a few of your emails for the 3 things you are going to change after this cleanse. I am waiting for the rest of you. If you can not think of 3, give me one thing you are going to change. As you know, diets do not work, but lifestyle changes … [Read more...]

Detox Day 17: Choices

Morning Friends, I hope you are enjoying your monday morning and new time change. Only a few more days on the this "cleanse" and I know you probably can not wait to get back to eating a little less restrictively. Remember, this is just for a moment and the goal is to look at making NEW CHOICES. It takes 21 days to a new habit, so I hope you are ready to add some new choices to your daily … [Read more...]

Detox Day 16: Give Thanks

Dear Friends, " I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart. I will tell of all the great things You have done. I will be glad and full of joy because of YOU. I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High, (Psalm 9:1-2),  "I will speak with the voice of thanks, and tell of all Your great works." (Psalm 26:7). Today let's just give thanks for all the blessings we have. From the pillow we … [Read more...]

Detox Day 15: RE:Evaluate

Can you believe you have been eating this great for 15 days? It is starting to get contagious. Once you start feeling great and you slip up on an "unauthorized" food, how many of you are quick to get back on your plan? I know I am! Today I want you to RE:Evaluate where you are. In chiropractic, we do RE:Exams to note our client’s progress. It shows us what areas have improved, and what areas we … [Read more...]

Detox Day 14: It’s Not Over

Hi Friends, The day is not over! I hope you had a blessed day focused on your detox and making strides in creating a new you on the inside. This morning I was jolted out of bed to move my car for the new street paving. I really missed my quiet time today. So tonight, I am enjoying my quiet time. So thankful for a blessed week in the office sharing life with so many amazing folks like … [Read more...]

Detox Day 13: SETBACKS

Good Morning Friends, I hope you had a great Halloween! I know my son had a blast running from house to house in search of the biggest bag of loot--only to donate most of it back for something else. Negotiations are still being presented. We teach our son that Halloween is one day and the candy is not suppose to last until Christmas or New Years. So, yeah, the candy is gone this morning and we … [Read more...]

Detox Day 12:Happy Halloween

Hi Friends, It's Halloween! The beginning or kick off the holiday season! I went to pick up the candy for my little visitors tonight and the store was already putting up the Christmas cards. I want get myself ready and dive in this year with a new perspective. I don't want it to be three months, and then I unconsciously have gain another 10-20 lbs. Here are some questions you can ask … [Read more...]

Detox Day 10: Finish Line!

Hi Friends, You made it! 10 days with NO dairy, NO caffeine, NO sugar, NO Meat. Just fruit and veggies, salads, brown rice and lentils. Just like any race, once you get through it you say to yourself, "I can do that again." Or "I want to do another one." I hope for the first timers in the detox world, it was not as scary as you predicted. I hope you noticed some amazing differences in your body … [Read more...]

Detox Day 9: REJOICE

Hi Friends, Good Morning this fine morning of Day 9. How are you all feeling? I just feel the word REJOICE flowing in my heart today. Rejoice that it is day 9. REJOICE that we have done so well on this detox. REJOICE that more and more folks are joining the detox program and ready to make changes in their health. I REJOICE in how amazing I feel. I pray you feel amazing as well. Remember, … [Read more...]

Detox Day 8: Pamper Yourself

Congratulations Ladies and Gentlemen, It's the home stretch of the Detox. Things should be getting easier and boring at the same time. Your goal today, or this weekend, is to pamper yourself. Do something special for yourself. I am happy to report I have a massage and a facial today. Yes, I am getting spoiled! If I don't plan it, it will never happen! All you have is today, so find ways to make … [Read more...]