Angie Welikala 698bDr. Angie has been speaking on health and wellness for over 20 years in her practice and many organizations. She has recently been moving into the ministry world by sharing what God has done in her life. She has her own healing testimony and shares stories of hope and laughter to inspire her audience that they can DO ALL things through Christ who strengthens them. She has a unique platform of bringing God and health together.

Dr. Angie has been working with Proverbs 31 to fine tune her speaking and writing ministry. Her lastest message is called “Made To Heal”. In this message you will learn the natural approach to health care, both in diet and exercise.

Dr. Angie is available to speak and share God’s word with any organization and will fit any budget.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Angie has been speaking since 1997. In her second year of chiropractic school, she started speaking to classrooms of children all over Ventura County. She loves sharing the chiropractic story and ways to achieve optimum health. Over the years, she has been a part of Toastmasters and many other service groups. Currently she is involved in the Speaker’s Bureau of the League of Chiropractic Woman and National Speaker’s Association, Greater-LA Chapter. She loves learn and is always working and growing her gift of speaking.

She has endorsements for many groups like:

Pinecrest Schools
Rainbow Preschool for Teacher In-Services
M.O.P.S. –Mothers of Preschoolers
Cleveland Chiropractic College
Chiropractic Student Chapters ICA, League of Chiropractic Women
Southern California University of Health Sciences
Rotary Groups
Business Network International (BNI)
Kiwanis Groups
ABWA- American Business Women’s Association
Women’s Retreats for Discovery Church in Simi Valley, CA
Sonrise Christian Church
Young Life Chapter at California Lutheran University
Tender Loving Care Hospice-Nurses and Staff In-service

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You can call her directly at 805-907-9662

or email her at drangiew@gmail.com

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 “By my power I will make my people strong, and by my authority they will go wherever they wish. I, the Lord have spoken!” – Zechariah 10:12


“Do you have the gift of speaking? Then speak as though God himself were speaking through you. Do you have the gift of helping others? Do it with all the strength and energy God supplies. ….- 1 Peter 4:11


“…Be anxious to do the will of God” – 1 Peter 4: 2



For your next conference, add Dr. Angie to your program.

Keynotes: “How to be a Healing Agent in your Community”

Come join the movement of “Coming Together to Helping Others Heal”

Audiences love Dr. Angie’s fun and entertaining style. She grabs your heart and takes it on wild ride. Remember why you became a healing professional and be empowered to serve more people.

Audiences will learn:

What it takes to be a healing agent!
How to be a healing agent in their community!
How to be a healing agent in their own lives!
How to navigate through any illness, especially Cancer!
How to be empowered to serve even more people in need!

Christian Conferences/Retreats

KEYNOTES: “WILD FAITH”: Dr. Angie shares her healing story of how God walked her through a Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis. She (captures or engages) her audience and shares how “God is a God of breakthrough, we just have to have Wild Faith.” She is entertaining, funny, and keeps you on your toes with her gift of storytelling.

Break out sessions are included