Monday Morning Momentum: Prevention

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Saturday was a huge success. We screened over 30 people with the latest technology called, Max Pulse. It measures the stress levels in your body, how variable your heart rate,  the rate in which your heart is pumping and even if your left ventricle is strong or not. That is the major ventricle in which all your blood is pumped through your arteries.  We were even able to measure the state of your arterial elasticity, aka how pliable your arteries are. All important stuff in regulating blood pressure.

I was so excited to see people taking advantage and seeing where their baseline is, TODAY. Then, in three months, we are going to retest and see the changes. This is making your health a priority. Don’t wait until you have chest pain to see if your heart is healthy. Prevention is the key.

If you are interested in getting this test done in the next few weeks and not wanting to wait three months, let me know. I am thinking of having another weeknight screening to allow those that were busy saturday have a chance to come in.

Our Monday Morning Momentum is get checked. Get your physicals, get your labs done, and know your numbers. Know your blood pressure, your blood glucose (fasting) and know your cholesterol. So much of cardiovascular disease is preventable with early detection.

I look forward to saving someone’s life and getting them on the right path.

Life and health are both simple when you go to the cause.

I love and appreciate you,

Dr. Angie…

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