Monday Morning Momentum: Feeling Overwhelmed?

overwhelmedHi Friends,

Anyone feeling OVERWHELMED lately with work, family, stress, deadlines, or new projects? I certainly am! You know your overwhelmed when your brain won’t stop firing, you forget to workout, or eat breakfast or lunch; and then, you can’t feel that restful peace. This is a red flag to your adrenal glands. You have to work extra hard at carving in a break from the “Overwhelmed” place.

The first step is to recognize that you are OVERWHELMED. The second step is to find things that will help you take your foot off the pedal. Feeling OVERWHELMED for long periods of time is NOT HEALTHY! I want to share 5 things I do to bring myself back to earth and back into balance.

5 Steps to More Peace:

1) Organize: Wake up 30 min to 1 hour early to pray, have a cup of tea, make a priority list your day. (No rushing part of your day)

2) Exercise: Get it done first. If you wait until later you may not make it happen. Move your body, it will clear your brain and make you more productive. Oxygen is KING! This includes, walking, running, jogging, weight lifting, yoga, hiking, class at the gym, anything you enjoy!

3) Prepare: Get your food for the day. Snacks too, protein shakes, veggies, get them ready for your day. We pack our kids lunches, but we forget about us! I am so guilty of getting my family breakfast and then I am last to make my smoothie for the day. Then I am rushing! (Think Oxygen Mask First)

4) Review: Look at your list. Ask God what three (3) things HE WANTS YOU TO DO today. Focus on those first.

5) Remember your job: You are just to LOVE PEOPLE, whoever you meet or see today. Be present! Give them your best, and God will take care of the rest.

I hope this helps your week! Make time to have fun! Make your day count, because life is precious!

I love and appreciate you,

Dr. Angie

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