Monday Morning Momentum: Create Balance

imagesGood Monday Morning!

There’s nothing like an all-nighter with a sick child to help me reboot my view on life. Have you been there too? Or maybe it’s you who has been sick and forced to stay home in bed. Sometimes, life gives you these forced breaks to have an “Aha” moment or catch up on rest for yourself. I am so thankful my boy is better this morning and that I got to stay home with him and nurse him back to health. But, I also noticed that my own stress for week (my “things to do”) just disappear. I have had a PRIORITY SHIFT and it feels great. Thank you to my wonderful patients who allow me grace to be home on a day like today and reschedule their appointments.

What is your PRIORITY? Are you getting off track a little? Are you going down a path that doesn’t give you peace? It’s not too late. Take a minute and spend some quiet time with yourself and with God. Ask God what is the one thing you need to do today. Then stop and listen for Him to answer.

Are you listening or doing all the talking?

Turn your forced break into something great.

Now, some of you are fighting for your life and making huge decisions every week. I am praying for your healing and I know God is doing something amazing in your life. You are LIVING the biggest PRIORITY SHIFT of your life and are cherishing each day that you feel better than the last. I want to encourage you to rest in the Lord, He will give you strength.

My goal this week is BALANCE. Here’s how:

1) What do I need to do today and what can I let go of ‘til tomorrow?

2) Who can I delegate to in order to lighten my load this week?

3) What is one thing I can do for myself that will make my heart sing? (Make sure you do it!!)

I hope you have a great week! Happy Monday and REMEMBER, you were MADE to HEAL!

Loving God, Loving People,

Dr. Angie

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