Detox Day 20: Friendship

Hi Friends,

I apologize this email is coming a bit later than I expected. I had a few unexpected curve balls thrown my way. Have someone ever hacked into your world? Not fun! All in all, I managed to navigate through the challenges and had the best day with my amazing practice members. They truly bless me and inspire me every day.

Today, the word that has been on my heart is “Friendship”. Many of us are blessed with amazing friends and we take great care of those relationships.  I know yesterday I shared about sometimes not “Liking” myself. Many of you responded and shared how you understood completely how I felt. Praise God for that, because I needed to hear I was not alone here. My goal today was to be “friends” with myself. I know that sounds corny, but we have to start somewhere. Facebook is so huge now! Everyone is asking you to “Like” my page or Be my Friend. What about you?

What did you do today that showed yourself some TLC? Some of you took yourself to yoga class tonight. Maybe you took yourself out to lunch. How about taking yourself shopping for that something you have been thinking about for over a week. You understand where I am going here. Our health starts on the inside. How we think, how we feel, what emotions are running through our body. IT’s all connected. If we have “stinkin” thinkin’, we are not going to BE WELL. It’s that simple!

One of my favorite speakers and teachers, Joyce Meyers has a whole teaching on “self talk”. You can find her and down her free podcasts at Joyce Meyer Ministries. She is hilarious, and holds nothing back. If this is tugging at your heart, check it out. If not, share it with someone who needs a little boost.

So in the future, when you hear the negative self-talk starts going, put an end to it. Think, would you say those things to my friend? No, so don’t say those things to yourself.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us so much. Help us to realize truly how much you love us. I pray that you would teach us grace. Teach us how to take care of ourselves no matter what. Teach us that we need to be made a priority in our day. Help us to replace any “stinkin thinkin’ with positive words from you Lord. I pray for my readers today. May you bless them and meet them where they are today. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Love you lots,

Dr. Angie

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