Detox Day 15: RE:Evaluate

Can you believe you have been eating this great for 15 days? It is starting to get contagious. Once you start feeling great and you slip up on an “unauthorized” food, how many of you are quick to get back on your plan? I know I am! Today I want you to RE:Evaluate where you are. In chiropractic, we do RE:Exams to note our client’s progress. It shows us what areas have improved, and what areas we still need to work on.  So here’s a little check list to see how you are doing…

1. Water: How’s your water intake? It needs to be your weight divide by

2. That’s how many ounces you need.

2. Protein Shakes: 1-2 per day. Doing good?

3. Supplements: Super Green Food and Gastro-Fiber…still on track?

4. Meals: Good clean veggies, fruit (snacks) clean meats?

5. Balance: How’s your balance with everything? Life, work, detox, exercise?

How did you guys/gals do? I know we are quick to look at where we are not perfect. I want you to focus on what you are doing great. Now, tomorrow, focus on one thing that you can improve. Maybe, take your supplements with you so you do not forget. Or maybe plan your meals tonight for tomorrow, so you stay on track.  I so hope you guys are doing great and moving forward. Each time you do a detox program, you get better and better at it. Sure, it might be challenging some days; but, you are really taking your health to the next level when you do these things for your body.

Today, I spent the day with my sister in law’s family. Her father passed this week and today was his memorial. What a legacy of a “family man”. They didn’t share his mistakes in life, they shared how he blessed his family and helped others. From raising 11 children with his beautiful wife Ruby, to being the local plumber, or growing veggies in his garden.  Life is a dash as you know it.

Today, I am reminded of my call to help as many people as possible.  Thank you for the opportunity to inspire you to be healthy and whole from the inside the out.

In my heart of hearts,  Thank you….

Love,  Dr. Angie

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