Detox Day 12:Happy Halloween

Hi Friends,

It’s Halloween! The beginning or kick off the holiday season! I went to pick up the candy for my little visitors tonight and the store was already putting up the Christmas cards. I want get myself ready and dive in this year with a new perspective. I don’t want it to be three months, and then I unconsciously have gain another 10-20 lbs. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:
1. Think about how this candy or treat is going to make me feel after I eat it.

2. What is the bigger effect on my body on the inside? Does it have GMO’s, is it organic?
3. Can I just enjoy this treat and move on? Or is this going to trigger more food?
4. What are my health goals right now? Is this going to help me or delay me?
5. Can I say NO and choose something better for me later?
These are the thoughts running in my head today. There are class parties and candy everywhere in the stores. Make sure you eat your healthy meal at home before you go to these parties. Have a quick snack in your purse or the car to keep you on track.
Last night we had Tawny and Matt visit us from Healing Heart Vitamin Store and they have lots of books to share for healthy raw desserts! Things like brownies, truffles, even Pumpkin Cheesecake! You can fool your family, but still be a great example of healthy choices for your family.
Now today, if you just lose it, eat the junk, count it as a vegetable and move on! Get back on your detox program tomorrow and stay the course. The goal here is making small LIFE changes. The other big goal is to LOVE yourself. The Bible says in John 15:12: “This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.”  I know it’s easier for me to LOVE others, but today LOVE yourself. Take a moment for yourself.  Check in with your body and see what you need today. Make sure today is inspiring and empowering, NOT DEPRIVING!
I love and appreciate you all. Many of you missed my email yesterday, so I believe we are moving for 21 days of Purification!
Let’s Pray:
Heavenly Father,
We thank you so much for waking us up today. Thank you for giving us life and breath today. Lord, I pray for a fun day today with family and friends. Help us to take our focus off food and keep it on the our relationships we have with friends, spouses, colleagues, even our neighbors tonight. Help us to walk in a place of Gratitude and Love wherever we go. I thank you for prayers that have been answered for those facing a health challenge. You are the Great Physician and we continue to pray for friends on our heart today. In Jesus Name, we pray….Amen.
It truly is an honor and a privilege to walk with you in this amazing journey called Life!
Love and Hugs, 
Dr. Angie
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