Detox Day 10: Finish Line!

Hi Friends,

You made it! 10 days with NO dairy, NO caffeine, NO sugar, NO Meat. Just fruit and veggies, salads, brown rice and lentils. Just like any race, once you get through it you say to yourself, “I can do that again.” Or “I want to do another one.” I hope for the first timers in the detox world, it was not as scary as you predicted. I hope you noticed some amazing differences in your body over the last week. Many of you reported, more energy, more clarity, less bloated, inches off your waist, even 5-10lbs of weight loss. These are all bonuses to the benefits you gave your body of cleansing things from the inside out. You gave your kidneys, and liver a break from major work. It was like they took a vacation and now they supercharged ready to get back to work for you.

Here’s my next challenge: 10 more days of phase II of the detox program. Everything you did plus more protein at lunch and dinner. I recommend sticking to fish, wild caught, clean fish. If you need to add some free range, organic clean chicken a few times in the next week that is ok. Halloween is coming up, do your best to not feel deprived, have a bite, or make the raw chocolate truffles with us tomorrow night and stay the course. Whatever you choose, you are awesome! I am so proud of you and all the hard work you have done.

Let’s Look at the NEW NORMAL after coming off the detox.

Breakfast: Protein shake with fruit, Oatmeal prepared with water and green tea

Snack: sunflower seeds/ or apple

Lunch: Chicken/Fish with grilled/sautéed veggies, broccoli

Snack: Chocolate Protein shake

Dinner: Salad with chickpeas, kidney beans, and sweet potato, water, or herbal tea.

Here you go adding a little more protein and staying on course. This is a healthy way to lose 1-2 lbs of weight a week. This is how you lose weight  permanently. Remember it takes 21 days to a new habit. I look forward to hearing all the new changes you have implemented into your life.


I want to close again with my life verse. It is so perfect right now. We have detoxed our bodies from all the old habits that did nothing for our body. It feels discipled and structured; yet, I have never felt so super charged. Eating like this is how my body runs it’s best. The key is not letting emotional eating wiggle it’s way back in. It’s like a spiritual war and I want us to win.” Lord, your disciple is good, for it leads to life and health. You restore my health and allow me to live!” (Isaiah 39:16)

Let’s stay here friends, restored, healthy and able to live the life God intended! 

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this gift of awareness! The awareness of our bodies and how you intended for it to function. Help us to look at food as fuel and nothing else. Only you can heal the pain in our hearts. There truly is “no cookie big enough,” you know I have tried looking! Father, help us to be empowered to challenge ourselves for another 10 days for you. You have shown us so much more, help us to go the distance with something we have already started. We love you and praise you for all our successes so far. We want more breakthroughs and more lasting change. So we surrender to our old habits and we thank you for implementing new ones. Thank you for my friends across the country sharing in your glorious changes, In Jesus Name, Amen.

Have a Bless day…talk to you soon,

Love Dr. Angie

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