Keeping candy consumption under control

It’s that time of year. Halloween is almost here, then we fast forward into Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the last three months of the year, the average American will gain 10 extra pounds from all the sugar treats and parties.

Let’s start with Halloween candy treats. If you have young children, you know it is a fun holiday to dress up in costumes and see the large amounts of candy. What do you do with it?

Here are some helpful suggestions to wage war on the crazy amounts of candy that might be making its way into your home.

Let your child pick the ones they really like, above five pieces. Let them trade in the candy for a special toy or item they have been saving up for.

Let the candy eating happen for just one day. It is better for your teeth to have contact with sugar all at one time instead of one piece every hour for days.

Help your teacher by not sending candy in your child’s school lunch. It makes it hard for children to learn and concentrate after lunch. Save it for after school if you choose.

The most harmful to your child’s teeth are the hard, sticky candies. They stay on teeth for hours creating tooth decay. It’s not worth the cavities.

Choose healthier choices for candy. Try lollipops with vitamin C, gummies that have fruits or veggies in them. Other ideas are Annie’s Fruit snacks, ginger chews, natural licorice, pretzels or granola bars. Just remember to brush and floss.

Why is sugar bad? The number one reason is that it suppresses your immune system. When your immunity is low, your resistance to common colds is low. Protect your children this Halloween and give them extra vitamin C, lots of rest, and good healthy organic whole foods.

Remember to enjoy the holiday for the day. Let go of the extra candy. Some dentists may buy back candy for $1 a pound.

Make a change this Halloween. Prevent tooth decay and create a better health model for your children. Health is not a matter of chance—it’s a matter of choice!

Welikala is a chiropractor and part-owner of Care Dental, a Moorpark-based dental office, with her husband, dentist Mac Welikala. Angie Welikala practices at World of Wellness in Simi Valley.

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