Detox Day 7: Temptation

Hi Friends,

I am happy to report our detox group has grown. We have folks in Florida, North Carolina and now Utah joining us! I have received many of your emails and text messages with positive feedback of how you all are doing. I am so excited for you all. I am so glad you are reaping the benefits of the cleanse which is WHY we do this often. Many of you have lost 5 to 6 lbs, you are feeling less bloated, leaner, you just feel great on the inside! My prayer is to stay on this path as long as possible, but life and TEMPTATIONS seem to get in the way.

How many of you had temptations this week? Here’s one that was text to me! Look at what someone said NO to! I am so proud of her! I might have eaten the strawberry for sure! 

I had the pleasure of making two dozen cupcakes for my son’s class last night. Talk about temptation! For the first time EVER in MY LIFE, I did not eat one cupcake!  I tasted the batter to make sure it mixed well. Yet, not enough to throw me off the detox program. I was so happy. For that moment, I didn’t even want them. The focus and the hard work over the last 7 days was in full effect. I have to share with you that has never happened. I usually eat a few cupcakes, then eat the frosting that may be left over! Not this time, friends. I finished up icing the cupcakes and strategically put the icing containers in the trash bins outside, leaving no room for late night temptations!

So, how do you handle your temptations? Do you walk away, pray, or maybe just take a bite? Whatever you do, can I share with you there is such JOY when you overcome the temptation. Even when it’s hard at that moment, change your environment; wait 10 minutes and your brain can usually reset it’s focus. I also took the Gymnema herb in your kits that helps to curb cravings and it really worked.

I am so thankful for all of you joining me on this cleanse. There is power in numbers and in prayer. I truly believe because of this group and the accountability I made it through 24 cupcakes! Whoo Hoo! If it was just me doing the cleanse, I would have said, “Oh who cares, it’s just one”. So make sure those of who are just starting the cleanse, make sure you have buddy or me to check in with. It makes it more fun when you share your successes or even your moments of oops.

I think this verse in Romans will help us with our temptations today, “Don’t tear apart the work of God over what you eat. Remember, all foods are acceptable, but it is wrong to eat something if it makes another person stumble. It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else if it might cause another believer to stumble. ” Romans 14:20-21 

I know God is doing work in all of us this week. That certainly helps us resist temptation, because He is busy healing our bodies, mind and spirit. So, I encourage to you to keep up the great work and may this verse be food for your soul. I love and appreciate you all so much.

Have a Blessed Day,


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