Detox Day 4: Restoration

Good Morning Friends,

I hope your days are getting easier on this program. However, for me, yesterday was a bit challenging. I made it through following the program, even on a date with my beloved husband. I was so excited the restaurant was serving Lentil soup! What a blessing that was! Today, I want us to focus on the restoration that is going on in our body. Let’s focus on the WHY we are doing this. I don’t know about you, but my pee has never been so clear and frequent. That means my kidneys are healing and cleansing any impurities right now.

Let’s focus on our liver that is becoming less clogged as we give it a break from fatty foods. Let’s visualize our colons becoming radiant, free from disease and disfunction. Today, I am going to call on the Lord for strength, and confidence in getting this program done. Why? Because what I do today for my health will affect how my body works in 5, 10, even 15 years from now.

My new find has been these dessert teas by The Republic of Tea. My friend Tawny at the Healing Heart Vitamin store here in Moorpark recommended them. She happens to be doing a detox as well. They are delicious! I bought Red Velvet Chocolate to try first. The next one on my list is Chocolate Mint. I had a little cup in the office yesterday and it was such a great “treat” but still “legal” on our program. Caffeine free tea! For those of you missing the salty crunch taste, try some raw sun-dried tomato dehydrated chips. Please note, this is only to keep you on track, and you need to drink lots of water because of the dehydrated food. It is a raw tomato in a chip form. Gotta love the choices we have.

Our verse for today is found in Jeremiah 30:17: “I will give you back your health and heal your wounds,” says the Lord. Our God is a God of restoration and healing! I am praying for all of you today. I pray for God’s mighty hand on your life and the lives of your family. May you continue to grow in Him during this cleanse and draw on HIS STRENGTH when you need it. I pray for new healthy bodies from the inside outside. I pray for new lab results that require less medication. I pray for awesome testimonies of healing to share at the end of this program. Lord, I thank you for all you have done in my life and lives of my friends. In Jesus Name we Pray, Amen.

Have a great day!

Love you all,

Dr. Angie

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