Detox Day 1: Getting Started

Hi Everyone,

Happy Day 1! I hope most of you are still sleeping and enjoying your saturday morning. I took the gastro-fiber last night, on an empty stomach, just to get my body moving. Now, I’m about to drink a tall glass of water with my first round of the cleanse. Then, I will wait 20-30 minutes before I have my protein shake. If you are in a hurry, you can take the cleanse with the smoothie.

The key is to send the supplements and food down your stomach and through your colon with great timing. It takes liquids and supplements 20-30 transition time out of your stomach. Fruits and veggies take 1-3 hours transition time out of your stomach. I believe smoothies will take about an hour. The transition times will help you keep a smooth flow of easy things for your body to work on each day.

I am excited for you! Remember each day will build on the previous day. Make sure you journal during this time. As you release toxins, you also release emotions that are hanging out in the body. Let it all flow, let it all go!

I have a few folks dedicated to praying for us the next 10 days! Here is our verse for today!

“Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing” Psalm 34:10

Enjoy your day!! Keep your water intake very high as you get started today. I love and appreciate you all!

Bless your Day,

Dr. Angie

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