10 Day Detox Bootcamp

Hi Friends, Thank you for joining me on this 10 day cleanse. The goal is to clear out all dairy, caffeine, animal meat products and more. This cleanse is from Standard Process, but we are making adjustments. Instead of 21 days, we are doing the first 10. Once you have gone through the hard part of detoxing, my hope is that you will  continue the program adding fish and clean meats only for … [Read more...]

Juicing to Kick Start Your New Year

By Dr. Angie Welikala It's a brand new year and this is time that most people start taking a look at their health. January marks a new fresh start and new resolutions, so it's time to start a diet. Well as you know "diets" don't work. Geneen Roth, author of When Food is Love states, “for every diet, there is an equal and opposite binge.” The key is to make small lasting changes and balance your … [Read more...]

How to make turkey day a healthy one

2011-11-18 / Health & Wellness Guest Opinion As you prepare your Thanksgiving dinner menu this year, I challenge you to make more healthy options. Your family will not miss the fat or extra calories. Remember, it’s a day to give thanks and celebrate family—not to enter into a food coma. Here are some tips to making the holiday healthier. •Wake up and exercise first thing. Burn some … [Read more...]

Keeping candy consumption under control

It’s that time of year. Halloween is almost here, then we fast forward into Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the last three months of the year, the average American will gain 10 extra pounds from all the sugar treats and parties. Let’s start with Halloween candy treats. If you have young children, you know it is a fun holiday to dress up in costumes and see the large amounts of candy. What do … [Read more...]