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The GOD STRONG Campaign

My dear friends, I am excited to launch this new fundraiser and blog to inspire you to be GOD STRONG. As life brings you storms or tidal waves, this small bracelet will help you remember who you are and Whose you are! You are a child of God and He loves you so much! I am working on the nonprofit organization part as we speak, but the goal is to raise money for patients going through a health … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Momentum: ENERGY BOOSTERS

Hi Friends, I don’t know about you, but this morning has been slow moving. How do you get your energy going when you feel down? Do you drink coffee, grab a muffin or energy drink? I want to share my Top 3 Energy Boosters: Exercise: Just walk up and down a few hills for 30 minutes and you will completely change your body chemistry. Even if you missed it this morning, join me tonight after … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Momentum: Staying Cancer Free

Happy Monday Friends, I have recently been on some radio shows giving interviews and speaking about "Redeem Your Health." A common question is "Are You Cancer Free?" I think a better question is are you healthy? We all have cancer cells in our body. The key is to make sure they are NOT expressing themselves. I am thankful to be healthy, balanced and "Cancer Free." Here are five key steps to … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Momentum: Prevention

Hi Friends, Saturday was a huge success. We screened over 30 people with the latest technology called, Max Pulse. It measures the stress levels in your body, how variable your heart rate,  the rate in which your heart is pumping and even if your left ventricle is strong or not. That is the major ventricle in which all your blood is pumped through your arteries.  We were even able to measure the … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Momentum: Feeling Overwhelmed?

Hi Friends, Anyone feeling OVERWHELMED lately with work, family, stress, deadlines, or new projects? I certainly am! You know your overwhelmed when your brain won't stop firing, you forget to workout, or eat breakfast or lunch; and then, you can't feel that restful peace. This is a red flag to your adrenal glands. You have to work extra hard at carving in a break from the "Overwhelmed" … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Momentum: Create Balance

Good Monday Morning! There's nothing like an all-nighter with a sick child to help me reboot my view on life. Have you been there too? Or maybe it’s you who has been sick and forced to stay home in bed. Sometimes, life gives you these forced breaks to have an “Aha” moment or catch up on rest for yourself. I am so thankful my boy is better this morning and that I got to stay home with him and … [Read more...]

It’s coming…the eBook is coming!

Hi Friends, You are not going to believe what God has done. The success of our detox group has led to the creation of an eBook!! Redeem Your Health-21 Day Cleanse and Detox Jump-start is filled with inspiration and support to guide you through 21 days to a healthier you. We have created a special study for each day of the cleanse with special assignments and journal topics. I hope it will help … [Read more...]

Detox Day 21: Building Blocks

Whoo Hoo! You made it friends, through a full 21 day cleanse. Some of you may be so glad its over, some of you may not want this great feeling to stop. Where ever you are, I am so glad you joined me for this cleanse. One thing is for sure, the next time you do a cleanse, it will be much easier. A good cleanse is a great way to reset your body. If you ever get too focused on a food or habit … [Read more...]

Detox Day 20: Friendship

Hi Friends, I apologize this email is coming a bit later than I expected. I had a few unexpected curve balls thrown my way. Have someone ever hacked into your world? Not fun! All in all, I managed to navigate through the challenges and had the best day with my amazing practice members. They truly bless me and inspire me every day. Today, the word that has been on my heart is "Friendship". … [Read more...]

Detox Day 19: I Want CAKE!

Really? Almost done with our cleanse and my body is screaming, "I want cake!" today. Do I really need cake or just some time with Jesus? I was avoiding myself for most of the day, but I had to check in with to see what was up! Have you ever sat yourself down in a quiet place to see what it really going on? Or do you keep yourself so busy to ignore what's really going on inside of you. I was tip … [Read more...]